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Docile, 30 min., The Hague, 2021.

Docile is a collaborative and interdisciplinary performance and photography piece of the moving body, Onur Tayranoğlu and the photographer, Batuhan Keskiner.

Besides acknowledging the chair as an association of power, artists are exploring the chair as a form and a structure which both literally and metaphorically represents the disciplining structures of bodies.

While the chair/form/power allows visibility for the body, leaving it results in darkness in the performance. The audience can experience the movement sequence through sound in darkness, but the visual visibility is also possible depending on the amount of the audience. Keskiner is only allowed to take certain amount of photos in the darkness with a flash light, which is the same number of the people in the audience. Even though the numbers of the photographs are determined by the amount of audience, the timing is up to the photographer. This strategy highlightens a unique experience for each reenactment, since there will be different 1/80 milliseconds seen by the audience. Furthermore, after the performance, each audience receives a unique photograph taken in the darkness from the performance because of their attendance.